Midwest University 2017 Conference – Minneapolis, MN

There were some cool tips and overall i learned to just try different settings
Good insight. Good way to sell to the client. Thanks Steve.
Of course he did amazing! He’s a teaching legend! Thanks!
Fun class, learned some cool stuff.
Skip over the very basic tips and move into the more complicated techniques sooner. loved the tip about using a photo in the background from your actual site.
Awesome tips and presentation!
Great presentation!
Excellent tips and tricks. Even better presenter!
Highly relevant material. I liked the combination of how-to do something and why to do it.
Thank you for making this class fun!  I happen to know the majority of the info but I did learn a couple things. Great presenter
and fun class
Best presentation I attended
Wicked awesome.
Awesome! Best class I took!
Awesome tips on enhancing Revit drawings
Great class! Thank you!
I really enjoyed the class. Steven had a lot of great tips on how to make your project really stand out from others.  Definitely going to try the tips on my future projects!
Great presentation
Funny and informative. I don’t care whether he can play the guitar or not!
He Wins!
My first Steve class! Great class, kept things entertaining and helped me remember some
Easy ways to make great looking drawings
Simple but useful tricks!!!
Great job. Thanks
Gleaned a few useful tidbits

Revit Technology Conference (RTC 2015) – Washington, D.C.

• Steve has a great delivery and connection with his classes. He is passionate about the art behind the delivery of Documents, and gave some great tips for making your drawings look fantastic.
• Creative ways of using the basic tools. Fantastic.
• Great presentation. I learned a lot of new techniques I will definitely be taking home with me. Thank you for the open honest discussion and sharing.
• Very engaging speaker, it really was a session for all skill levels which is difficult to pull off while keeping the whole audience on board
• Awesome presenter. Verified all were keeping up in the lab. FUN.
• Same content from previous RTC but it is still fascinating to go through it.
• I like the emotional connection to techniques and how it can make people feel. More important than the lines are how they make us feel.
• Although the information was not new to me, it was a well presented class with solid information for users who might not have been exposed to it before. Really personable and fun guy, makes for a good presenter.
• Fun and passionate presentation
• Nice job. Great info on a few quick steps to drastically improve your drawings. Great class!
• Very clear straight forward and well prepared.
• Steve is right, a basic class but it’s great to get refreshers every once in a while. Nice engaging presentation with a lot of good information.
• Got a lot of good information to quickly make presentation drawings pop with minimal effort within Revit without the need for 3rd Party Programs like Photoshop, etc.
• Great presentation.
• Great learning techniques that even MEP can use. It would be nice to see more MEP examples or even just 1 in a slide.
• Good presentation, a bit beginner but I learned a couple things.
• Very helpful. Information I can teach to my students, they will LOVE it!
• Would have liked to see how to do more drafting stuff and 2D plans or 3D detail drawings. Great ideas for 3d renderings. Nice blend of how to blend computer and hand type graphics.
• Great techniques
• Great tips & shortcuts.
• Felt the material covered was well presented and information I did not already know. excellent
• Steve Shell is a cool dude
• Good stuff
• Steven Shell’s class was very interesting and provided a lot of tips etc.
• Really good Revit tips!!! I really like your presentation. Thanks
• Excellent presenter, knowledgeable, very clear. Really neat and simple techniques. Love it!
• Great presentation of tips that we and quickly use!
• very good session, learned lots of tricks

Midwest University 2015 Conference  (MU 2015)

Minneapolis Minnesota

Review comments from my Graphics & Presentation Techniques Class:
Awesome Job!
Best instructor here at MU.  Needs more than 1 hour for any of his class due to all the knowledge that he has.
Didn’t learn many new things, but was entertaining.
Entertaining and sincere.
Extremely entertaining instructor and fun subject
Good tips, but very simple and repetitive for some.
Very energetic presenter.
Great hair. Seriously though, the information was valuable and the delivery was fantastic.
Great presentation!  Great subject matter and a great presentation.  This presentation was the best one that I attended at minn u this year. Thank you!
Great presenter. I’d love to see another class on the same topic.  Pick up where this one left off. 2.0
Great speaker!
Loved this presentation. Great job.
My favorite class of the conference!! What a great speaker with a realistic view on the industry.
Not an Architect but it was interesting
Remembering the importance of being critical about what a drawing is communicating and how to achieve that was more valuable than the specifics.
Steven is such a great speaker. Never a disappointment!
The presenter was a real person.
This class/presentation was absolutely fantastic!  The presenter was awesome!  My favorite class of MU 2015!!!!
Very helpful

These are the comments from other class I presented.  It was a round table discussion about how offices and individuals are switching from an older software (AutoCAD) to the newer 3D BIM software (Revit):

Fun class. Informative. Thank you!
Fun presenter
Glad to see we are on the right track.
Good discussions what others are doing as far as going from ACAD to Revit
Good feedback from others on what firms are using
Great course. Steve was good to get the class involved
Great discussion. Was very valuable to see where other firms are at and the direction they are heading. One of my favorite courses.
Great discussions
Hopefully get to see him at the next convention. Great engaging speaker!
I am always interested in hearing what people have to bring to this round-table discussion.
I thought his process of bringing to light the differences in implementation was unique. He offered many thoughts to successfully transistion/allow to complement each other.
Like how he involved everyone in discussions
Time cut short due to technical/projector issues.
Very helpful



Bill Debevic, Senior Technical Specialist with U.S. CAD wrote:

“I have known Steven for a few years now, and have taken a few of his classes at BIM Workshops and Revit Technology Conference. Steven has the uncanny ability to take a complicated subject and make it easy to understand. I was able to take what I learned from his sessions and apply it right away.

Thank you Steven for all your hard work making the Revit community what it is today.”

Lecture Reviews:

The following are unedited review comments from lectures, presentations, classes and panel/round table discussions held at many BIM and Revit Conferences and Events:

Pima County Community College District
Downtown Campus

December 22, 2014
Thank you again for coming into my classroom and sharing your experience with the students. We
really appreciated it and were inspired by it. I wanted to share with you some of the compliments I
received from my students about your presentation. The comments below are unedited and intended to
convey their impression in their own manner of expression. I hope you enjoy them.
With gratitude,
Carmen E. Cueva
Faculty, Downtown Campus

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet Steve C. Shell, in our Introduction to Revit class. He was very
informative, full of positive spirit and very knowledgeable about the program. He seems like he’s a very good motivational speaker and you could tell he likes the program very much. I liked his examples he showed us in class. Please give my thanks to Steve and encourage him to attend future Pima Community College classes.
I’m sure other students will find him very refreshing and full of ideas.
Thank you very much,

Mr. Shell,
Thank you for taking the time to speak with our class. I appreciated you sharing your expertise, tips, and tricks for bringing computer drawings to life. Your creative use of shadows, individual graphic overrides, and
masking regions will be used a lot in future projects to bring depth and motion to future drawings.
Thank you

Hello, I would like to thank you for having Steve Shell come in and letting him give the class a lecture. It was
nice to see someone else talk about the program through different eyes with different goals and objectives. I
found it useful and every interesting the way he likes to use visual graphics through out his projects, seem to
really make his building and the project as a whole pop. thanks again, the guest speaker was great.
The presentation Steve Shell gave to my Revit class was very informative. It was entertaining and informative
at the same time. What really caught my attention was the way you can adjust a views parameters for just that
one view. It would make it easy to try out a bunch of different ideas without involving the whole plan set.
Thanks for all the effort.

Dear Carmen,
I wanted to thank you for bringing Steve Shell in to present to the CAD 166 class. As a student in the
introductory class, I have often felt a little overwhelmed with the amount of information presented in order to
work with Revit 2015.

Along with your organized agenda in producing working drawings with Revit, having Steve in to speak on
graphic presentations and design options rounded out the semester. He is and engaging and creative speaker
and his presentation brought new energy and excitement to the class.
I do hope he is available in the future, as I enjoyed his presentation to the max.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with our class about your designing in Revit experiences. I was
impressed with the Revit capabilities that you demonstrated through past projects. I was energized in your
demonstration of quickly being able to make temporary changes and excited about my potential in working
with Revit. I look forward to the day that I will be proficient and profitable while using this program.
Thanks again for taking time to be available to our class.

Dear Steve Shell,
Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and share your Revit skills with our
beginning Revit class. Your drawings are beautiful and we are lucky to have been given the opportunity to see
Revit used in such an amazing way. What I learned the most is that the drawing can always be manipulated in
a short amount of time and the drawings really pop by using a few short tricks. I have been able to apply some
of the tricks you showed us in my own drawings and I find that it makes a big difference. I hope to hear you
speak in the future.
Thanks again


AU 2014 – Las Vegas, NV

Session: AB5848-R – Switching from AutoCAD® to Revit® – Migration Vs Integration
Day/Time: Wednesday (12/3/2014) @ 8:00 AM

AB5848-R Awesome round table discussion I thoroughly enjoyed Steve’s ideas and leading the group. Would love to attend more with some senior staff from my office. Also very interested in other courses from Steve shell because of this.
AB5848-R Best time spent! Enjoyed and learned.
AB5848-R Great class. Need more on this subject in bigger venues
AB5848-R Great round table class. Presenter made discussion interesting and enjoyable.
AB5848-R Had never been to a roundtable it was extremely helpful. In a office that has struggled at times with the software transition from AutoCAD to Revit great insight was gained.
AB5848-R I had hoped for a more tech. discussion but was pleased with actual solutions to problems presented by the discussion.
AB5848-R I missed in the description that this was a round table, but glad I took this session. It was very informative and provided new ideas.
AB5848-R I think the advertisement was misleading. I wanted to know practical tips for making the transition. This felt more like group therapy. I learned things from the other participants, but this sort of class does not require much from the instructor (4 slides with vague questions). I wanted a more prescriptive approach from the instructor outlining several possibilities and their pros & cons.
(My Response: Although this appears to be a negative comment, it does show that the ‘topic’ is still valid, necessary and people are struggling with this issue.)
AB5848-R The speaker was good and energetic…brought up good conversation for group discussions. I really did not personally gain a lot from attending though but enjoyed the conversation.
AB5848-R This class was very interesting and beneficial. Please continue having this class at AU.
AB5848-R This was a perfect class for the situation my company is in. I gained perspective from the instructor and other class members that will help me make more informed decisions.
AB5848-R This was the class that made it worth attending AU for me. Thanks Steve
Session: AB7997-R – Switching from AutoCAD® to Revit®- (Repeat)
Day/Time: Thursday (12/4/2014) @ 10:00 AM

AB7997-R Didn’t want this to end! We have both AutoCAD and REVIT uses in our office and it was a great way to discuss what transition we require, if any… I walked away with many ways I could improve our office back in Zambia! Glad to have come all the way! Glad to go back and start implementing!
AB7997-R First panel discussion. Left with more questions than answers. Would really like the opportunity to network with classmates.
AB7997-R Great discussion on the starting of how to transfer from autocad to revit. Provided great talking and starting points for migration. More classes like this would be great!!
AB7997-R He was an extremely good motivational speaker and really knows how to run an interactive class. This class was one of the best I have attended. Thank you.
AB7997-R I loved this course, it probably was the most engaging course that I attended and while the round table was initially a turn off,in the end I took away a lot.
AB7997-R LOVED this class. Very dynamic speaker. Excellent audience participation.
AB7997-R This was my first and only discussion and it was riveting. Very well-led discussion. Scott also generously spent a lot of time providing insight and advice after the session was over. This was in my top two 🙂

RTC – Europe 2014

(Revit Technology Conference, Dublin, Ireland  (November 2014)

Presentation: Tips & Tricks to Make Your Autodesk® Revit® Drawings & Presentations Look Great
How would you rate the session speaker(*Average Feedback Score): 2.97
Number of responses: 29
A selection of comments:

1 Absolute gold
2 Excellent class. Lots of great tips and tricks!
3 Good lecture, engaging, but very basic.
4 Got some nice trix to show of at the office
5 Great presentation
6 Great simple tricks
7 Great to see his opinion on viz
8 Great way to show and share his knowledge.
9 I understand that Steven is an architect but it would be great if it was possible to show engineerings drawing to. Anywa it was really good
10 Just very simple, but great results. Can see immediate uses.
11 Lots of good insight
12 Natural speaker. Nice to listen some nice tips.
13 Professional, good pace, lots of helpful fast ways of achieving a penn and pencil look
14 The speaker is easy to follow
15 This might be my answer to my quest of geting my offices drawing to look like they did back in the days. Best session so far!
16 Very cool good user tips. Thanks
17 Very good presentation, cool ideas and great work. Thanks
18 Very productive,lots of really useful ideas to take back.
19 Wow… Very good

Presentation 2: LAB: Tips & Tricks to Make Your Autodesk® Revit® Drawings & Presentations Look Great
How would you rate the session speaker(*Average Feedback Score): 2.93
Number of responses:15
A selection of comments: RTC Europe Foundation P.O. Box 1048, NL – 2600 BA Delft Phone: (+31) 158-898-635 Email:

Brilliant tips. Will definetly use them on future projects!
1 Entertaining and great lab session with many useiess tips, wish it was a bit longer to see more tips
2 Excellent again. Well prepared.
3 Good tips and tricks
4 Great class best tip for my conference.
5 Great lab. The simplicity in his tips are fantastic when you see the outcome.
6 Great session! Just what i needed!
7 Helpful.
8 I can see an immediate use for some of these techniques for a new presentation next week.
9 Lively fun. At least one great tip
10 Really clear. Nice to hear someone that still believes in architecture as art. Great tips
11 Super

Presentation 3: Switching from AutoCAD® to Revit®
How would you rate the session speaker(*Average Feedback Score): 2.27
Number of responses: 11
A selection of comments:
1 Discussion was really interesting
2 Interestig
3 Raised some interesting issues about the switchover to revit
4 Really interesting conversation
5 Rearange the chairs so the atendees sits face to face to get more interaction.

*Delegates rated speakers as follows:
3 = Excellent, 2 = Good, 1 = Average, -1 = Poor
Should you wish to discuss these results,

October 6, 2014

Steven Shell wins “Top Speaker” award at this year’s BIM Workshop – Pacific Coast 2014 in Anaheim, CA!

He has done it again! Not only did he take home the win for the 2014 Central States BIM Workshop Top Speaker, but, he has proven his skills and awed the crowd at the Pacific Coast BIM Workshop that was held in Anaheim, CA on September 25th and 26th.

Shell presented two different sessions; Tips & Tricks to Make Your Autodesk Revit Drawings & Presentations Look Great! (Lecture + Lab) & Switching from AutoCAD to Revit: A Discussion about Various Approaches & Workflows. Both classes were maxed out with attendees and the classroom was left with only standing room.

Congrats to Steven Shell and wonderful job at both workshops!

Top 5 Speakers - BIM Workshop Pacific Coast 2014 Top Speaker Award - BIM Workshop Pacific Coast 2014




September 30, 2014

Awarded “Top Speaker” at this year’s BIM Workshop – Central States 2014 in Omaha, NB!

Congratulations to the other top rated speakers!   Catch them all at the upcoming BIM Workshop – Pacific Coast Conference in September!

Top 5 Speakers - BIM Workshop Central States Top Speaker Award - BIM Workshop Central States 2014

Central States Southern Pacific Northern Pacific

Central States
Southern Pacific
Northern Pacific

August 4, 2014

Top Ten Speakers Awards

Revit Technology Conference – Australasia 2014

Melbourne, Australia

Here is the complete list.   Congratulations All!

November 14, 2013

Archvision Blog:

With the ongoing success of Revit we’ve changed our tune.  What we now think of as “Presentation” is here to stay and we believe will continue to be the dominant form of design visualization in the future.

I need to give credit to my friend Steven Shell, who I met at the RTC Conference ( this past summer, for pushing me to think about this a bit more.  Steven does some incredible “presentation” and rendering work natively within Revit.  You should check out his website ( and blog ( to see some of his work.  Steven is also a great teacher so if you get a chance to sit in on one of his classes don’t miss it!  He’ll be passing on some of his wisdom at Autodesk University later this month –  Steven is an architect who uses Revit to create great communication tools to share with his clients.  No external renderer, no Photoshop.  Pure presentation techniques from within Revit.

Randall Stevens

Archvision Founder



PIMA COMMUNITY COLLEGE                                                                                                                               Downtown Campus

CAD 166 – Introduction to Revit

November 5, 2010


Thank you again for coming into my classroom and sharing your experience with the students. We really appreciated it and were inspired by it. I wanted to share with you some of the compliments I received from my students about your presentation. The comments below are unedited and intended to convey their impression in their own manner of expression. I hope you enjoy them.

With gratitude,                                                                                                                                                                   Carmen Cueva                                                                                                                                                                    

CAD Faculty


Yesterday’s presentation was extremely helpful and informative. Not only did he show us new ideas from an architectural perspective, he also affirmed opinions that I had already developed about the program. His credentials make his views fairly empirical, and the help was definitely appreciated!

Steve was the first architect I have met who really seems to see the full potential of Revit for the architect as well as all the other players, including how this technology will significantly change the way Architects do business (or get displaced). The comment on 10% of the users being/will be architects, 90% others illustrates this understanding, although it may currently be exaggerated, but will be prophetic. Thanks for the confirmation of my thinking and visiting our program.

Thank you, Steve, for sharing your knowledge, vision, and enthusiasm with our Intro to Revit class.

Having a committed Tucsonan that has helped to change our architectural face, (especially, thank goodness, Speedway Blvd.) come into the community college setting is exciting: Not only for students taking on a challenging computer program, but perhaps more so for those that recognize that BIM is indeed, as you put it, a “paradigm shift”. I have returned to school at this time to put theories of “sustainability” into practice, intuitively waiting for this time where sustainable development is recognized as the creative cohesion of social-environmental-economic. I am coming to understandthe bigger vision of Revit and hold that BIM can help quicken this shift. Don’t mean to get all heady, but when I hear “paradigm shift” I get excited. My Sociology degree that has paid out dividends as a starving artist just might pay off one day by fully utilizing the structure of Revit. So in short, good on you for coming and good on Carmen for asking.

Thank You for inviting Steven Shell in for a very informative discussion on Revit. He has indeed opened my eyes to a bigger and better world of Revit. His topics that he covered were all very interesting. I especially liked the setting up a template by modifying visibility settings to make the drawings pop for better design communication. I will have to make my own custom template now. His discussion on phase overrides for visibility control was great and easy to follow and I can’t wait to learn more about this topic in class. I liked that we could show demolition and new construction at the same time on one drawing. I had

seen the demo hammer but did not really know the whole purpose behind the tool. I wished our school computers could have had better RAM so that he could show us some rendering techniques. Thank you again for having Steven come in and I hope he may come back to teach us some topics from “That’s not in the book”. He is a great resource for students starting out in the Revit world of Architecture.

I was very impressed with the way he grabs your attention while presenting his work, I was also impressed with the way he represented Revit and opened my mind up to all the great things about it, Revit is a very powerful program.

 I enjoyed having Steven Shell as a guest in our class. It was a very insightful presentation & inspiring to see how much one person can do with Revit. The amount of information he had, and gave us, is so useful. He provided insight on where the industry is going and who’s using Revit. It came as a surprise to me that even the Contractors are starting to use Revit. It just goes to show that technology is moving so fast and becoming so user friendly that we have to have to find an “edge” on the competition.

That just becoming a “drafter” is no longer going to be enough. I think his work is really good especially for someone who learned Revit on his own. He made it look so simple but I do understand that you want us to learn to create and manipulate the elements that we will be using to better understand how Revit works.

Thank you for taking the time to discuss the REVIT software, your past projects, future projects and some of the designer/client psychology that exists when getting involved in the process of pre-construction. I appreciated the fact that you were willing to discuss your thought process and how you operate when dealing with a client; pertaining to how you control the revelation of what it takes to create changes and the entire set of plans involved. I wish you well and hope that you remain prosperous.

 I really enjoyed what the guest speaker had to offer. It was nice to see an Architect who uses the program on a daily basis for his projects. I also enjoyed the fact that he showed the restoration plans for the restaurant Takamatsu, since it is my favorite and can’t wait for it to reopen. :)]

Some of my impressions of Mr. Shell are of how much influence he has had in the city of Tucson. They vary from banks, all the way to night clubs, big median. It is easy to see that his personality and energy are a big influence in the type of work that he does, and it has translated into a very wide and successful accumulation of work.  It is also nice to see that we have someone so close in the community, that has had and is having an impact on the use and  evolving of Revit. I believe his experience and knowledge in Revit will be of great benefit not just to us new users, but also to architects and to people who have been in this type of industry. We thank him for his time and willingness to share his tips and secrets with us, and are welcome any time.

I really enjoyed the presentation Steve did on Saturday. He certainly showed us new ways to use Revit and what, ultimately, is possible when using Revit. Oh and another thing, he has an awesome head of hair, very serious… awesome hair.

Steve was very informative. He was very helpful in learning different aspects of Revit and he made me a believer that Revit is as good as they say it is.

I was pleasantly surprised with your choice to have Steve Shell as a guest presenter. Steve was absolutely brilliant in his ability to present the topics while bringing some fun and real work situations into the classroom. I was particularly intrigued that he has always been the ‘one-man shop’, and totally skipped AutoCAD. As a technical designer, I am always challenged with time to deliver the presentation drawings and then take two steps back to start the production drawings. Steve’s approach to modeling

everything proves that the upfront time invested will pay forward and one person can produce much more work.  Overall, I was very impressed with his knowledge and excitement about Revit. He said something that really impacted the way I see Revit in terms of doing what works for you and\or your company along with modifying the object\line styles to have more visual appeal. Steve is a great architect with an outstanding.

I was totally amazed by Steven’s showcase of Revit ‘out-of-the-box capabilities, and his ability to pull the best out of us in terms of intelligent questions.

As always Steve is a fantastically energetic person. Whose use of the program is always enlightening, bewildering and challenging. It was though the first time I had him talk about living in between the improbable and possible, so that you are on the cutting edge. So next time he is going to go through more the rendering aspects right?

Thank you for inviting Steve Shell to give a lecture to the class. It was a real treat for me on many levels. I liked his energy, he showed genuine and contagious enthusiasm. He’s a terrific talker and an interesting personality. I didn’t even know that someone that non-geeky could still be an accomplished architect. He obviously knew his technical stuff and made a good case for using the program successfully as a one person firm. Fifteen to twenty hours to start and finish one building! Wow. I’m curious if that Nogales bank is so light-filled as the drawing made it appear. How fortunate that he was able to get in on the game so early and get to know the programmers! Super cool. His advice on beginning a project with the right templates, using privately collected libraries -“The more you put into it, the more you get out of it”- and project management with phasing and editing in place and why to avoid automatic upgrades was spot-on. I think he is also right about watching someone else do it, as I have absorbed much from watching you even though I sometimes fall behind after getting caught up in some God-filled detail, I do get a lot from it. I want to try two screens and duplicate views now. I recognized some graphic and shading techniques from college like shading on the back of the paper and profiling (silhouette), and was happily surprised to see how well they translate to the digital world.

I worked for four Tucson firms in the Nineties doing models and graphic presentations, but with exacto-blades, prismacolors and maylines, but never ran into the likes of him. Steve’s certainly an individual and creative person and I so appreciated just knowing that he’s out there. I also didn’t like CAD when it was required of me to learn it on the job in 1994, but I didn’t see any point in it as a substitute for drafting. You may know that after seeing Revit and what it can do, I am wanting to return to our profession after an unregrettable hiatus of fifteen years of traveling the western hemisphere with family and music, and even though he doesn’t need to hire anybody, somebody like him might which is encouraging. I so regret being so haughty after class that day and tossing his guitar pick back to him. Not the impression I prefer. But I was impressed by his knowledge and his being comfortable in front of an audience and later by his buildings and his rock covers setlist. Anybody who can cover Doobie Brothers and Santana has to be decent. And Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple will never go out of style.

Speaker Feedback – RTC 2011 North America


What a wonderful presentation!  Here is a sole proprietor using a sophisticated, complicated application in a way that is quick, correct use of the application, and stunning.  What an Artist! 

Steven is one of the best speaker I have ever heard!  I learned more in this one session than in my many others I have attended at AU by other speakers.  He needs to come back next year.

His examples showed exactly what I have been wanting to learn about Revit.   Best session of the entire RTC 2011!

AU 2011 Online Review Comments:

Great work!  Nice examples… some really good ideas here. Thanks Steven

Wow an amazing presentation and presentor. Kudos to Steven.

Great class, learnt so many design, rendering and presentation techniques! Opened me up to so many different and further options to what I currently do. Thanks!!!

Thanks Steven for helping to fill in the gaps to make my Revit Drawings have that hand drawing feel. I can’t believe how much great info you packed into this class. Thanks again.

Great Class. Never seen any these tips and tricks before.  Will be using a lot of them.  Thank you

Wow! Very practical class, lots of tips not only on the use of Revit, presentations as well. I liked the fact that all the tips were based on “out of the box Revit”, after all the idea of such a program is to be able to design a project from beginning to end.  Thank you Steven for the presentation and personal input!

Autodesk University 2012

AB1416 – Tips and Tricks to Make Your Autodesk® Revit® Drawings and Presentations Look Great!


Total – 34




Ask him back. I will go again


Class was fun and exciting


Even though I wasn’t registered, it was a very good class. I’m glad I chose this alternare.


good information, presentation was very boring


Good presentation. Lots of visual to keep me awake.


Good presenter and content.


Great basic coverage of the presentation graphics and why, loved the limited amount of hacks. Great job Steve


great class


great overall speaker


Great session. I found new ways to use features.


Great to see speaker using Revit to for his specific needs & preferences in a different way. Shows us how we can think outside the box with the software. Thanks!


Great, real world techniques that can apply to any project.


Heavily focused on architectural presentations, not much for engineers


I like the way he thinks, great class


I wish this presenter would do more classes. presents a more artistic view to AU, which is traditionally more technical.


i’ve been using 2012 for renderings, but I’m so excited to use 2013 new tools now! Thank you for sharing great techniques.


Lots of great ideas presented. I will definetely pass this presentation along to my architects to help them improve their quality of work.


more live demo as how to do what was presented


My designers will be very excited to try these new tricks. I wish they would have recorded the class so I could show them.


Presentation material seems to be dated.


Really enjoyed the Class


Some good content if you are just starting with Revit and looking for ways to improve drawing clarity and presentations – I was already aware of most of the information presented.


Steve is a cool and down to earth presenter. Good choice


the content was dated and often NOT best practice.


The presenter is a very likable guy.


This class was terrific! The first class I’ve taken with Steve. Very interesting info and will definitely be put to use with my work. THANKS, STEVE!


Too many things were glossed over would have been better to key in on a few things. Mostly the presenter just showed us his images of his projects, just not very intersting or informative.


very engaging and very entertaining.


Very engaging lecture, its so much fun to see that Autodesk Arch graphic can do now. Thank you


Very informative. He knew what he was talking about.


very interesting and knowledgable speaker


well prepared good class overall


wish the speaker had better professional appearance (hair and dress)


wonderfull presentation, well laid out and moved at a pace that was easy to follow along!!

Presentation: Tips & Tricks for Revit Graphic and Visualization Techniques

Revit Technology Conference (RTC-NA)  2012 – Atlanta, GA


*Average feedback score: 2.88

Number of responses: 24

A selection of comments:

“Although I was already aware of most of the techniques that Steven discussed, I still thought that it was a well done presentation.  did take away the trick of using a blank elevation for a gradient background!”

“Great presentation, very valuable information”

“Great session.   Steven provided a lot of great tips for presenting your model to clients. The level of

experience required for this was exactly as he described.  Steve is a great speaker and a wealth of knowledge.  Please bring him back next year.”

“I found this to be an excellent class. Steve demonstrated really interesting visualization techniques some I had never seen or even considered before.”

“This class totally rocked! I like staying in Revit for all aspects of the project including presentation. Steve really knows his stuff!!”

“Wow, now I can refute all the Sketchup, Photoshop and Illustrator holdouts. Way too short a time period but superb hand out will make up for it.”

“Very cool stuff. Quite enjoyed this.”

“I wish that the speaker could implement his object styles into the default Revit settings.  He reinforces the

idea of taking time to make the drawings look good to help its usefulness as a communication tool.”

“Had a lot of great ideas and presented them in an entertaining way. Great presentation.”



Revit Technology Conference (RTC-NA)  2013 – Vancouver, Canada


(RTC-NA) 2013 – Vancouver, Canada

Presentation: LAB: Tips and Tricks to Make Your Autodesk® Revit® Drawings and Presentations Look Great!
*Average feedback score: 2.91
Number of responses: 10
A selection of comments:
· Great visual concepts.
· great advice and processes for small models. not necessarily a good fit for large projects since it
revolved pretty heavily on element overrides in a view. But still a great class and an entertaining and
knowledgable presenter.
· Engaging and convincing. Good content, well prepared and presented
· Though the session was presented as accessible to all levels, there was not sufficient balance between
beginner and expert content. I expected some review but a bit of new and ‘wow’ would have been
· Excellent
· Great session, always struggled with the cold look, looking forward to applying these techniques.
Thanks Steve!
· Practical applications that reinforce architecture as a visual medium

*Delegates rated speakers as follows:
3 = Excellent, 2 = Good, 1 = Average, -1 = Poor


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