About Steven Shell, Architect

Steven C Shell’s Approach to Learning Revit:

“Model it the way you build it.”

Revit produces the drawings as the end result of your modeling. Poor modeling nets you poor drawings.
Revit changes everything. You are no longer drawing or drafting. You are now modeling! The drawings are the ‘by-product’ of your modeling efforts. Revit’s amazing beauty, accuracy, efficiency, parametric nature (both the model and the drawing set) are the real pay off!
Your 3D model may be the most amazing model ever produced; however, you will be the only one to see it. You still have to communicate that model in two dimensions on either a piece of paper or a computer screen for everyone else.

Learning Autodesk Revit Architecture® – An Architect’s Method

Let me first state that I am not a traditional Revit® instructor, educator nor am I associated with Autodesk® or a reseller.
What I am is an Architect who has been in private practice for over 30 years, producing all of my drawings and presentations by hand, before discovering Autodesk Revit® in 2003.
Because of this, I have a unique approach to helping individuals and firms learn to use Revit Architecture, which works well when taught in conjunction with conventional Revit training. I can teach how to model “correctly” and make Revit look and work the way you want, not how CAD/BIM managers or software developers say you should!   Most Revit instruction is very good at teaching what the buttons do. I show you why you should use a certain button, or when (or when not) to use that button.


Steven C. Shell graduated from the University of Arizona in 1982, and has had his own architectural firm in Tucson, Arizona for 30 years. He has been using Revit Architecture® exclusively since 2003 (release 4) and is the co-founder and co-chair of the Southern Arizona Revit Users Group (SARUG). Mr. Shell is professionally certified by Autodesk in Revit Architecture (Re-Certified annually with the latest current release version).

He is an ongoing presenter at Autodesk University and ee has lectured at the University of Arizona’s College of Architecture and Pima Community College where he is an Adjunct Professor.  He has been a top rated speaker at the Revit Technology Conferences held in North America, Vancouver, Canada, Australia and now, recently in Europe.  He also presented at the Central States Revit Conference (CSRW) in Omaha, NB and at every BIM Workshop held in Omaha, NB, Los Angeles, CA, Hawaii, Las Vegas and Phoenix.  He is an on-going Revit and BIM consultant for Autodesk and the Walt Disney Imagineering group in California.  In addition to his architectural practice and teaching Revit & BIM, he currently serves as the Chair for the City of Tucson’s Board of Adjustment, as well as previously chairing 16 years on the City of Tucson’s Design Review Board & Board of Adjustment and served 2 years vice-chairing the City’s Sign Code Advisory & Appeals Board which adds up to 25 years sitting on and running City Boards & Commissions.

Steven has recently received the coveted “Top Speaker Award” at many of the conferences he has attended:

BIM Workshop – Omaha, NB

BIM Workshop – Phoenix, AZ

BIM Workshop – Las Vegas, NV (2 Years)

Autodesk University (AU) – Las Vegas, NV

RTC – Europe (Dublin, Ireland)



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